Time for write

Many people said they have enough time to write some text,ex: essay,short story,opinion,and other.Sometime i say ‘How many time that they need for it?”.I should have thought that everyone can write in anytime,and anyplace.

It become trendsetter when some social networking can handle with phone cellular.Some social web like Twitter and facebook give opportunity for people to write.With social media every people can write and expel their experience, and what happened with them.It commonly write on their “status” or “news”.They will happy and proud when some one give them comment or retweet.

So it can conclusion that people didn’t need many time to write basic and the most important in writing,its telling the experience ,share,and respect the other.


Tentang Rifai Prairie

Rifai Prairie bekerja sebagai office cleaning and maintenance dan juga gardener di salah satu sekolah menengah atas di kab Gresik. Hobi menulis, berkebun, menggambar dan membaca.
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